How would you write this routine inquiry?

Suppose one wants to write a routing inquiry—say, to find out about a merger. Here's how the letter might be read when written by a

12-year-old public school student:

"What gives on this merger?"

21-year-old college graduate:

"Kindly inform me on current general economic and specific pertinent industrial factors relating to the scheduled amagamated proposals."

40-year-old junior executive:

"J.P.—Please contact me and put me in the picture regarding the mooted merger. I have nothing in my portfolio on it. Sincerely, W.J."

55-year-old member of the board, with private secretary:

"Without prejudice to our position vis-â-vis future developments either planned or in the stage of actual activating, the undersigned would appreciate any general informative matter together with any pertinent program-planning data specific to any merger plans that may or may not have been advanced in quarters not necessarily germane to the assigned field of the undersigned."

65-year-old executive, now boss of the company and very busy:

"What gives on this merger?"

Source: Basic Business Communication by Raymond V. Lesikar; John D. Pettit, Jr.; and Marie E. Flatley. ISBN 0-256-10936-2, 6th edition, page 104.